Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paw! February 22, 2009

Paw's 83rd Birthday!

Paw has been a great influence on my life. He has taught me how to work hard and continue to work toward my goals. Paw owned "Moore's Hardware" for most of his life. I talked to him a little bit today to get some information from him about his life.

Paw was born the youngest of five children. He had 3 older sisters, and one older brother. He was born at home at 207 Vinecennes Ave, Oakdale, PA to Wesley Arnold and Esther Anna Moore. Wesley was in business with his father as part owner of JS Moore and Son Hardware.

Paw said that his mother told him that she had to walk him to school in first grade to make sure he stayed at school. She said he didn't like the idea of giving up his freedom to go to school. While he attended school, he played drums for the band.

Paw graduated in 1944 and went into the Army. In November, he was honorably discharged due to medical reasons. He came home and worked for the U.S. Post Office in downtown Pittsburgh. He worked the night shift. He took a train into Pittsburgh and returned home on the train in the morning. He attended a semester at Robert Morris and worked at the hardware store. He was approached in February 1945 to take care of the Oakdale School. He worked there until the end of the school year. Then he worked at the hardware store full time.

He met Audrey Marie Farrar when her parents moved to Oakdale. She was attending high school in Wheeling and would visit her parents on the weekends. They were married January 23, 1948. The initially lived at 116 Vincennes Avenue and moved into their current home, 214 Fayette Avenue, in the fall of 1949. They have two children, J. Gary and Betty Ann. They have five grandchildren, Barb, Bev, Beth, Bob, and Doug. They currently have five great grandchildren and a sixth is on her way.

Paw was involved as a Deacon at Good Shepherd Church and a fireman at the Oakdale Fire Department. He is going to Oakdale Fireman's Spaghetti Dinner tonight at the Community Center. One of his grandsons, Bob, is going to be serving the dinner. Bob is a social member of the Oakdale Fire Department.

Paw's favorites: STEELERS PIRATES MOUNTAINEER Basketball PITT Basketball

TGIW - Thank God it's the Weekend!

Here we go, I am trying to upgrade a little. I have a friend who has the cutest page. She totally knows what she is doing on her blog & I am trying to look like I am at least learning. At this point - she's my only follower since my mom hasn't been able to figure out how to sign up to become a follower. LOL!

If this works today and I am able to make things look like I am at least learning what to do, I am going to invite others to Magmer's Mom.

Tomorrow is my Grandfather's birthday, he will be 83. I am going to make tomorrow's blog all about him. I just sent him this card & I thought I would share it with everyone. He's really good at using the computer, so I made him an ecard. That way he and Gram get to see pictures of Mags & Mer too.


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waiting for the Weekend!

It's Thursday night and we can't wait to get through tomorrow. The weekend will be here and Maggie will be happy to hear that there is no school tomorrow!

We did get the girls' pictures taken last weekend and I have attached a little smilebox below for everyone to see. They are really starting to get big. Maggie recognizes all of the ABC's and Meredith is focusing on learning shapes and animal sounds.

We are getting more snow tonight. I keep telling everyone, it's our next to last one! We all know we have to get at least one big snow in March. I am just hoping it isn't the weekend of March 13th. I am hoping the family will get to go to Pittsburgh for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Keep your fingers crossed and hope the weather doesn't stop our trip!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Blog Post Ever

Hi everyone!

Here is my first update on the Wrights.

We haven't been doing too many exciting things this winter.

Eric has been working at Alpine Valley as a ski instructor. It has been a good way to meet new people and potential clients for his insurance agency.

I started working for WW part time in addition to working my full time job. I will be a receptionist at a meeting that is supposed to begin on Mondays in March near our home. I really like working meetings at WW. I am hoping that someday I will become a leader for WW.

Maggie almost 4, and is really
into princesses, Scooby Doo, and the Steelers. She really likes to spend time at home and do her own thing.

Meredith is every bit of almost two. She has been showing signs of wanting to be independent and definitely wants things her own way. She likes anything that her sister likes.